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Movie posting

2011-08-04 03:18:18 by BlueSpark

My annual movie posting is coming up soon. Sadly only one movie will be submitted this year but this is one I've been working on for like 2 years now. I'm very excited and you should be too.

Megaman Legends 3

2011-07-19 01:57:20 by BlueSpark

Megaman legends 3 has been cancelled, the world is coming to an end.

Programer Wanted

2010-08-26 22:38:23 by BlueSpark

(Hello this post is for programmers)
Hi I'm Blue Spark and I need a programmer that can make a game like street fighter, You see I have this idea for a game but I need a programmer and I need one that can program flash 5, If you are interested please leave me a post or send me a PM. I will tell you more information after that. Thank you for your time.

New moive

2010-08-01 10:10:41 by BlueSpark

I has some problems with the lip sync in the beginning it's better now so I suggest you go watch it..please..

new movie

2010-02-23 22:02:13 by BlueSpark

Sto and Stark Prank Calls is coming along nicely it may be awhile in til its done, let this tie you over in til its out

new movie

how are you lately

2010-02-03 20:34:12 by BlueSpark

Hey everybody, I've been working like a dog on movies and stuff, I currently have 4 projects im working on but one of them is almost complete i should have it done by Saturday maybe. Wish me luck bye.

merry christmas

2009-12-24 14:51:54 by BlueSpark

it's Christmas time in da season on newgrounds... anyway how is everybody im great just working on things and stuff also have a great holiday uhh

The 3rd

2009-11-02 16:03:19 by BlueSpark

Mah birthday is tomorrow and i might even make a movie in a celebration of it ohhh who knows, anyway
don't be shy to leave a comment see you wonderful people tomorrow

The 3rd


2009-09-29 17:30:27 by BlueSpark

Hi i was wondering if people could recommend president evil 2 pack for the resident evil parody collection because it is a resident evil parody please and my Gun'd down movie for clockday 09 because it was for clockday this year so can you guys do that

Happy madness day

2009-09-22 13:20:28 by BlueSpark

Happy Madness Day everybody I already saw some madness awesomeness. they sure did a good job. although i am not making any flash for madness day this year maybe next year so iam gonna get back to work on the Evil Candy part 2 Loly's revenge I'll catch you guys later